Fucking Glee

Wow, this is weird, posting on LJ. It's been so long. I just need to get some things out and not on Tumblr.

I. Am. So. Fucking. Screwed.

Klaine. So screwed. I am way way way too emotionally invested in that couple. And I can hear the fucking warning bells wailing in my ear. RIB+ are going to fuck with them and ruin everything. I just can't hope for the fucking best anymore. It's going to happen. And I am going to be wrecked. And there's nothing I can do about it because it's too late to pull back and not give a fuck. I care too much about them as a couple and this. will. not. end. well.

I can't watch the next episode live. I can't. I need to know what happens first. I need to know the worst. And I'm prepared for the very worst. Well, no I'm not, but I'm expecting it. I'm making plans for the hiatus. Ways to distance myself in the two months before the last leg of this season. I don't know if I'm coming back in season 4. If the worst should happen...probably not. Maybe I'll do what I did with the second half of season 3 of Robin Hood. Follow the fandom to find out what happens, watch a few clips, read fanfic to fix everything they fuck up. Forget the canon and go to my happy place and remember the good times.

But the emotional wreck is coming no matter what. Because I don't trust the writers with these characters AT. ALL. It's going to happen, it's just a matter and how and when. Please be soon rather than later so I can fucking just get it over with.

Wow. Fucking Glee. Glee. Out of all the dark shows I've watched, all the doomed couples I've shipped, it is a show named Glee that will do the most emotional damage.


Night of Neglect

So Glee was finally on my TV screen again and while there were moments to love in tonight’s episode, I’m left feeling a little under whelmed. It was kinda boring, if truth be told, which I might not have minded in between two big episodes like OS and BTW if it hadn’t been for the month long hiatus. Weaker episodes should not come after breaks, RIB. Just an FYI.

That being said, there were parts that I did like and only one or two that I actually disliked—and one moment that was a mix of both. Collapse )

Haven't Done One of These in A Long While

Haha. So I totally stole this from somebody I don't know, but it looked like fun, so I'm giving it a go. It's been too long sice I've done one of these anyway.

Glee Meme: Name your top twelve Glee characters

1. Kurt Hummel
2. Blaine Anderson
3. Burt Hummel
4. Rachel Berry
5. Jesse St. James
6. Brittney Pierce
7. Santana Lopez
8. Mike Chang
9. Finn Hudson
10. Noah Puckerman
11. Sue Sylvester
12. Quinn Fabray

Collapse )

Is there a 12-step program for TV addiction?

It’s just a stupid TV show. Or so I keep telling myself. Dammit, why can’t I be obsessed with shows that don’t exceedingly depress me? Why do I even allow myself to get obsessed with television shows in the first place?

Geez…I am really starting to sound like a broken record. Collapse )

Oh, TV, I wish I knew how to quit you.
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Take that co-worker! I got into a somewhat heated debate with my temp today about Kurt & Blaine. He was convinced that Collapse )
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Overly Invested...Again

It has been a long time since I have had to actively avoid spoilers for a show. Not since Torchwood, I think. I had forgotten how painful it was, caring so much about what happens next that you are desperate for every scrap of material you can find, but also wanting to be surprised so that you actually enjoy the episode. And then there is this thing called context which is a real bitch. You spend days (or even weeks) stressing out about a spoiler you came across which turns out being completely different than you thought because you didn't know the context. Or its exactly what you thought and you are pissed because you were hoping it wasn't. Spoilers suck but unfortunately they are part and parcel with internet fandom and sometimes it is so difficult avoiding them, especially when you have as little willpower as I do.

That lack of willpower must be the reason why I have allowed myself to become this emotionally invested in a show again. Actually, I should be more specific: I have allowed myself to fall in love with another pairing as much as I loved Jack/Ianto and Guy/Marian. And the worse part was that I saw it happening at the beginning and even tried to step back and remind myself that my OTP track record is currently 0 out of 4. All four ended in death and tears (though one was bittersweet tears and he did come back, just not to be with her). For some reason, I fall for those never going to end happily ships and I totally get my heart broken even when I expect it to be (seriously, Robin Hood writers, I am still WTF?! over that season 2 finale).

But despite my hesitation, I fell anyways, and now, here I am, freaking out over spoilers (good & bad) and getting all worked up over another...damn...TV...show. Why do I put myself through this? At least this one has a fairly decent chance of actually ending happily (or hopeful, at the very least). But if it doesn't, I may have to go into therapy.

If I can only survive the next 5 days...
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