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20 April 2011 @ 12:38 am
Night of Neglect  
So Glee was finally on my TV screen again and while there were moments to love in tonight’s episode, I’m left feeling a little under whelmed. It was kinda boring, if truth be told, which I might not have minded in between two big episodes like OS and BTW if it hadn’t been for the month long hiatus. Weaker episodes should not come after breaks, RIB. Just an FYI.

That being said, there were parts that I did like and only one or two that I actually disliked—and one moment that was a mix of both. Tina’s solo started out absolutely amazing so I got really super pissed that it was ruined and cut short. That’s so not fair. I was super excited to hear that 1) Tina was actually getting a solo, and 2) she was singing Lykke Li. Super disappointed that we didn’t get to see her sing more of it and kick butt. Will definitely be downloading the song though.

And what’s worse is that hers was the only song worth downloading. Sunshine and Mercedes were great (both are absolutely amazing singers) but neither song left be with the urge to listen to it over and over again. Once was enough. And while Gwen’s version of “Turning Tables” wasn’t bad, it lacked the strength of the original. This, I think, more than anything, was what was so disappointing for me. The music is what got me into this show and continues to be the one of the primary reasons I watch/love the show (next to Klaine), so when the music fails to impress (or at least, entertain), Glee loses some of its magic for me.

Mike’s dancing, however, was flawless, and if he did a dance number in every single episode, I would not mind it one little bit. ^_^

My favorite scene, no surprise, was the Klaine one, though, surprisingly, not because of Kurt & Blaine (though Blaine was so great in this episode). Santana moves higher and higher on my favorite characters list with every episode. She kicked ass, and I have no doubt she will be the first one to realize what Karosky’s secret is. I really can’t wait to see how that whole storyline plays out.

(And Max Adler continues to baffle me over how I can be all “he’s so adorable, talking about yummy snacks” in a behind-the-scenes interview and then all “I want to fucking punch your face” when he’s in character.)

Other things I like were the League of Doom (which was quite entertaining—I especially loved their code names and Sandy’s outfits) and the Lauren/Mercedes/Rachel stuff.

Actually, I probably like the episode more than I originally thought. It was just slow, and more catch up/set up for future episodes and after so long a break I was hoping for something a little more exciting.

But next week’s episode looks fantastic. Kurt looks sooooo good. Hot dayum. And SOWK is going to be in it and *flails* Week, be over with quickly.
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