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25 April 2011 @ 11:04 pm
Something I Noticed During SOWK  
Okay, so I was rewatching the teaser clip from BTW for the hundredth time, when I noticed something: Santana is dressed the same way as Kurt. Obviously, her outfit isn't as outlandish as his, but the basics are the same: black pants, black shirt, white jacket. I find this especially interesting given that in NON, Santana was dressed in the same colors as Karofsky: red & gray. While I had noticed the similarity of Karofsky's and Santana's clothing when originally watching NON, I could not be sure at the time that it was deliberate and/or symbolic given McKinley's school colors are Red & White (Red & Black?). But with her being so similarly dressed to Kurt in BTW, I am definitely thinking that it is deliberate and very symbolic. Which has me very curious as to what exactly that means for her development in BTW. If in NON, the clothing similarity was meant to represent the similarities in Karofsky's and Santana's situations (closeted and in denial), then does the similarity to Kurt's outfit in BTW mean that Santana will come to accept the truth about herself (at least internally, if not openly)? And how will that come to play in her dealings in the whole Kurt/Karofsky situation? Definitely looking forward to this episode to find out (as if there wasn't reason enough already).

Just something interesting.
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